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Q Is acupuncture painful ?
   Unlike ordinary injections, the needles of acupuncture “enter between the skin,”
   so it isn’t painful and will not bleed, although you may occasionally feel a light sting.
   It will be possible to administer a “non-piercing acupuncture” for extremely sensitive patients.
   The policy of our clinic is to minimize the stimulus to draw out the best results.
   Most patients fall asleep during treatment, and are surprised by the results.

Q Is moxibustion hot ?
   Basically, it’s just warm. We don’t administer moxibustion that would leave blisters or marks.
   We’re also careful not to leave any strong smell from the moxibustion.

Q How much does the treatment cost ?
   Please refer to the page on treatment fees and cancellation policy.
   Acupuncture treatment is basically considered tax-deductable medical costs,
   so please keep your receipts.

Q Can I use credit cards ?
   No, we only accept cash.

Q What is the cancellation policy ?
   Please refer to the page on treatment fees and cancellation policy.
   The clinic offers treatment only through appointments, so the time is reserved for the particular patient.
   We wish to offer treatment to as many patients who wish to receive treatment as possible,
   but we cannot contact other patients desiring treatment for last minute cancellations.
   We ask for your cooperation in contacting us as soon as possible to cancel an appointment.

Q How many times must I receive treatment ?
   It depends on the symptoms. Symptoms like a sprained lower back or a crick in the neck
   that happen suddenly can usually be cured with several treatments, but chronic symptoms
   that you have been suffering for a long time will take longer to cure.
   For infertility treatment, we typically ask the patient to come once a week for about three months.

The pulse of the patient is examined at the start of the treatment. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the pluse is said to reflect the state of the entire body. The pulse diagnosis is used to determine the kind of treatment to administer.

The stomach area is also examined. Called an abdominal diagnosis, the practitioner checks for hard areas, painful areas and cold areas around the abdominal area when determining the kind of treatment to administer.

Disposable needles are used at the clinic. They are thinner than hair, very soft, and unlikely to cause any pain.

In most cases, the needle barely touches the skin or only enters the skin a few millimeters. If you have had painful experiences with acupuncture in the past, please give our clinic a try.

Q Can health insurance be applied ?
   No, health insurance is not accepted in our clinic.
   The reason is because health insurance imposes various restrictions on the kinds of treatment
   that can be offered.
   We ask patients to understand the reasons and pay the full fee as we wish to offer a satisfactory
   treatment to all patients.

Q What should I wear to receive treatment? Must I get changed ?
   You can visit the clinic in any clothes you wish as we ask patients to change into special gowns.
   We also ask patients to remove stockings, socks, underwear, as well as watches and jewelry.

Q Are appointments necessary ?
   We ask patients to make appointments to avoid having them wait at the clinic.
   Appointments can be made on the day you wish to visit if the slot is available,
   so please call and ask for availability.

Q What are your hours ?
   Please take a look at the clinic schedule.
   Nomizo CA is basically in charge of the mornings, and Hirota CA is in harge of the late afternoons.
   The hours differ for Saturdays and Sundays, and the holidays are also different for the two
   acupuncturists, so please check the schedule carefully when making appointments.

Q What is an “infertility counselor”?
   It is a qualification offered by NPO Japan Society for Infertility Counseling.
   This qualification is sought by doctors and nurses who work in infertility clinics and hospitals
   that offer counseling to couples suffering from infertility, and allows them to offer counseling based
   on professional knowledge of advanced reproductive medicine, such as in vitro fertilization
   and microfertilization. The doctors have studied western medicine so that patients feel
   more comfortable receiving infertility treatment.
   Please feel free to ask any questions, such as the side effects of the medicine that you forgot to
   ask the doctor, about egg collection, transplant, or insecure feelings ahead of test results,
   and plan on leaving the clinic with a lighter heart.

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